Retirement, investing, estate and tax planning; the list of financial concerns and considerations facing our clients today are seemingly endless.  There are no easy answers. We work with our clients to identify their financial goals and put together a game plan to work towards those goals.  As part of our client's team, PFN works in conjunction with our clients, we monitor the game plan to facilitate our client's crossing their 'goal line' in working towards financial success.

Petersmark Financial Network, LTD. is in the business of helping our clients put together an investment strategy within their comfort level, using a total wealth management approach. Each area is important individually, but managing each area collectively is one of the most important considerations in our clients overall financial confidence.

Our approach can help our clients invest conservatively, seek to reduce their exposure to taxes, manage their insurance needs and provide a plan to successfully transfer their wealth to their children, grandchildren or charity.  Among our financial offerings are:

  • Retirement planning - to design an investment strategy positioning our clients on a path to their retirement goals.
  • Investments - for diversification and professional management.
  • College planning - long-term planning to ensure our clients are ready when their children are.
  • Tax-advantaged investing - to reduce our clients’ tax liability and let more of their money work for them.
  • Estate planning – for preservation of wealth from generation to generation.
  • Annual portfolio review - to review our clients’ current holdings, helping them make any necessary changes or adjustments to keep them on their path to their personal goals.

If this method of meeting your financial needs sounds appealing, we invite you to spend some time exploring our site. We also welcome the opportunity to hear from you. If you have questions about your financial situation, please do not hesitate to call or email us. Email Mr. Petersmark at brett.petersmark@lpl.com.


Financial Planning ProcessHelping You Create a Plan for Building the Life You Want

Now is the time to take steps toward building the life you want. No matter what stage of life you're in, it all starts around building a solid financial plan. Creating a plan to work towards building your financial security empowers you to pursue  living the way you want and gives you confidence to enjoy your life. Whether you are new to financial planning and want to learn more, interested in taking action to build your financial plan, or are an investor looking to get help in managing your accounts, Petersmark Financial Network, LTD. offers solutions for all your financial planning needs.




Riskalyze enables our advisors to pinpoint an investors's Risk Number and build a portfolio that contains just the right amount of risk. No more subjective advice, the numbers don't lie!

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eMoney allows our clients to have a complete and accurate picture of their current financial status where they can track their assets, financial goals and investments.

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